Adil Siddiqui

Hey there thanks for popping in here. I'm Adil Siddiqui. A UI | UX Designer by profession. This is the place where I put up most of my personal work that I do for fun and to learn :) Hope you like them. Cheers!
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    Wanted to try / learn minimal face designing.

    So tried designing my face based on how my office colleagues define my expressions while i’m Designing or Coding. Clearly shows what I love doing :-)

    Also made a silly gif out of it for fun.


    Looking at all the selfie craze around the web and social media platforms I got this idea.


    Wanted to give a surprise to my friend on her birthday, after many bad ideas that I got I decided to draw a portrait of her. It took time as its always difficult for me to draw, but in the end it was worth the effort :D

    She also has a tumblr page, if you want to have a look Click here

    And tumblr just told me this is my 100th post :D

    Phantasm Font

    Finally I completed designing my first ever font and ‘SOMEHOW’ figured out my way to compile a ttf file :)

    I have also designed a webpage for presenting it, Check it out.

    ( Dont forget to hover over the heart and use the top 3 buttons )

    Trying something different, sketched this on paper then inked it in illustrator.

    I was not going to post this without coloring it but few friends saw and liked how this came out, so thought of posting it here. Now i’m lazy to color it :)

    Hope you guys like it.

    Click here to have a better look.

    I Dream To Explore The World

    I guess one common dream that we all have is to explore the World and its endless possibilities.

    Animated this while trying few techniques in AE, just for fun.

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